How to drill amber at home

Amber treatment at home

Сверхточный сверлильный станок желтого цвета

Ultra-precision drilling machine in yellow color

When assembling amber items together, sometimes you have to make holes in them, they can be through or a certain depth. Drilling is carried out only with a hand drill or a slowly working drill. The diameter of the drill is approximately 1 mm. It is replaced by a strong short iron wire with a sharp tip, a sewing needle without a lug. During the drilling process, the sharp tool is removed after every 1 — 2 mm of the recess to clean it from dust. Do holes better before polishing the product. This will enable you to hold amber firmly in your hand and protect the product from scratches from the drill. To ensure that small stones do not crack at the time of drilling, during operation it must sometimes be moistened with water or oil. For the through hole, it is necessary to drill first one hole on half the stone, and then on the other side to meet. Technology will help to avoid fracture and chipping during the exit of a drill made of stone.

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